I selected slot car racing as a hobby because of my life long love of seeing cars go fast . As a

kid growing up, I still remember my first slot car set. I would race all day until my mother would

say it was time for bed. My interest in slot car racing has been rekindled, now that I have grown up , bought

a house and have extra room in my garage. When I got back into slot car racing , I found out that it had

really advanced more than when I was a kid. The cars and tracks are more realistic. The overall experience

is more fun and enjoyable than I can ever remember. There are three different scales of slot car racing.

They are 1/43 scale, 1/32 scale and 1/24 scale. The most common scale size is 1/32 scale and that is

the scale size that I choose for my hobby. Below is an example of the different scale sizes of slot cars.

The largest size is 1/24 scale and the cars are about 10 inches long. Next is the 1/32 scale and the cars are about

7 inches long. The last car shown is the 1/43 scale and the cars are about 3 inches long

slot car comparison sizes

There are four major slot car set makers and they are are all quality companies that have been around

for along time. No matter which of these brands you choose, the track they make is of adequate quality to

enjoy your hobby for years to come. The four major slot car set makers are:


  2. SCX


  4. NINCO

To get started in the 1/32 slot car hobby, start out with a slot car track set. All race track sets from

all manufacturers come with everything you need to get started in this great hobby: cars, track,

controllers, and power supply, with one exception: the Ninco Master Track Sets do not come with cars.

I bought a set that I could afford. I recommend you buy the most expensive set you can afford, simply

because the bigger, more expensive sets are the best value. These track sets come with added accessories

like lap counters, borders, guardrails. All these accessories are items you'll end up getting anyway,

so it makes sense just to get them now. Choosing the best track brand can be confusing and there are differences

from brand to brand such as track width, slot depth, surface texture, ease of assembly, and type of plastic used in

the manufacturing of the track. These variables may or may not make an important difference depending on your

particular circumstances. Just to give you a quick visual on these different types of track

(see comparison picture below)


4 way track comparison

For more information on the four major slot car set makers and what they have to offer you :

(check out the links below.)




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