A German based company dating back to 1920, Carrera got its start in the tin toy business; so it has quite a rich history! In 1963, these talented German fellas that were already in the business of making quality tin toys, decided they needed a new challenge, so they ventured into (what was at the time) the newfangled hobby of slot car racing. Forty years later in 2003, they celebrated their 40th year of making high quality 1/32 slot car products and in the process made their name synonymous with quality in the slot car hobby.carrera race track Because of it's wide, smooth racing surface, many serious home and club race track layouts are constructed using Carrera track. Carrera slot cars have an equally devoted following, and many of the Limited Editions bring 2 to 3 times retail price in a few short years. Whether you love modern super cars or the classics from years ago, Carrera slot cars are sure to offer new and interesting choices

Carrera stands alone as the only major slot car company to produce highly detailed 1/32 and 1/24 scale cars and race track. The philosophy of us 1/32 fans is simple: if it doesn't look like a real street or race car past or present, it just doesn't cut it! They understand this concept perfectly, producing great performing Carrera slot cars that are nicely detailed at great prices in both scales!

Carrera is the only track made out of a hard, smooth styrene plastic. This makes it brittle when compared to the soft plastic that the other manufacturers use. I chose Carrera for HotSlots132 Speedway because it was going to be set up and left in place. I don't plan on taking it apart other than possibly changing the layout. It is set up on a permanent table and never gets mistreated by dogs or kids. I also like to run the Carrera Exclusiv slot cars which are 1/24 scalecarrera race set

Carrera is the only track wide enough to accommodate this scale. Carrera track is more difficult to put together and take apart, requiring clips to hold it together firmly. The drawback is obvious, it's a pain in the butt to put together, but once together properly, it is the tightest fitting, smoothest track on the market. Carrera track is also less vulnerable to temperature extremes because styrene is less likely to warp in hot weather. Also, the rails have more nickel content in them making them less likely to corrode in humid conditions. But since Carrera is the widest track, it also takes up the most room, making it harder to use when you don't have a lot of space.

Carrera also has a good variety of banked turns, where Ninco does not. All in all, if you are a grown up and you have lots of space to devote to a track layout and you plan to set it up on a permanent table and leave it up, Carrera may be the best choice for you. Carrera track specifications: 7 3/4" wide, 3 7/8" lane spacing, 1/4" slot depth.

They also make a wide array of banked turns if you really like serious speed. Banked turns are also great if youngsters will be using the track a lot; they're usually a little more forgiving than a flat turn. (These banked turns can also launch your car high into the air with the possibility of catastrophic damage done to the bodywork...so watch out!) carrera banked race track

Carrera makes nice and wide track borders for the inside and outside of almost all their track. Now you may think you don't really need borders, that maybe they're just for looks, not so! Track border is essential, especially on the curves where the back end of the car often slides out. If you don't have a border, your car will fall off the track, and the cardinal rule when constructing your track is, don't let the track itself be the cause of a car de-sloting or causing an accident. In other words, use lots of borders and make sure your track fits together nice and tight. It is better to add too much border to your layout than not enough


1/32 Scale Carrera slot cars are called "Evolution." In 2003, they redesigned their 1/32 slot car chassis, making them faster and more controllable than their predecessors. The wide variety, great price and attention to detail has made Carrera slot cars second to none. These models come with a patented Variable Magnet System and have an easy to use polarity switch, like their 1/24 counterparts, which allows you to race in either direction...keeps you on your toes! Designed for kids of all ages (ages 8 and up) with a little adult supervision recommended. This is great family entertainment.

Whenever you see the Exclusiv designation we are talking about the 1/24 scale cars, tracks sets and parts for Carrera slot cars. Occasionally, Carrera makes a Limited Edition 1/24 Carrera slot car, and production is always limited to 2,500. It is no wonder these fabulous looking beauties sell out quickly and inevitably increase in value as the years go by. These are true collector's items! As far as the construction goes, all I can say is, at about $45-$55 each, they are a bargain. Most Carrera "Exclusiv" slot cars feature working lights and all feature fabulous detail and performance. All feature metal gears and bushings, which are essential for great performance and durability. Pick up one of these beauties and you really feel like you have something of substance in your hands.

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