A relative newcomer on the slot car scene, Ninco slot cars has had a huge impact on the 1/32 slot car industry. In 1993 Mr. Nin and Mr. Cosculluela created this company (thankfully combining and shortening the name to Ninco) and put their talents together to form a company that become a key player right off the bat.

Ninco was the first to use the lightweight yet durable ABS plastic in their Ninco slot cars. They also introduced the reliable low reving NC-1, 12,700 rpm motor with their very first Ninco slot car and continue to use it to this day. The NC-1 motor was in Ninco's very first 1/32 slot car and can still be found today in the magnet less Ninco "Classic" line of slot cars. "Magnet less racing??" Yes!! Though it flies in the face of many of today's high-magnetic downforce lovers; magnet less cars provide a real challenge for the driver and chassis tuner. It was a few years before Ninco introduced their first car with a magnet aboard. The McLaren FTR and the new, more powerful and nearly unbeatable NC-2 debuted and was whole-heartedly accepted by a whole new segment of 1/32 aficionados!


Being a Spanish company, and given that Spain is in love with rally racing, you would guess that there would be a lot of rally cars in the Ninco slot car lineup, and you'd be right! Ninco slot cars offer much, much more than just rally cars however. If you love LeMans cars, classic sports cars, open wheel cars like CART or F1, you'll love the products they have to offer. Ninco slot cars go to great lengths to make sure that the 1/32 versions of real cars have realistic performance levels. They have at least 5 different motors that they use to try to approximate performance levels of the real cars.


They stand alone as the only company to produce a 1/18 scale go-kart, another popular form of racing in Europe, and that is also gaining popularity in the U.S. Another Ninco innovation is the removable motor mount that is featured in all of their Ninco slot cars. The motor mount reduces vibration to other parts of the chassis and also provides for quick change from one type of motor to another. The angle-winder motor mount, the Pro-arm guide and working suspensions are all part of their long list of 1/32 Ninco slot car innovations.


Ninco produces track that is very similar to SCX and Scalextric Classic. In fact, you can buy an adaptor that makes their track interchangeable with both SCX and Scalextric Classic. Ninco track is somewhat rough and has a slightly wider lane spacing compared to the other two brands. It too is made of a flexible track that makes it ideal for kids or for those who will be taking apart and storing their track on a frequent basis. Ninco also manufactures a single-lane loop which allows for single-car, WRC style racing against the clock, instead of another driver, yet another exclusive! They also offer a wide variety of sets that are easily expandable with your choice of extension kits. You can even expand your track to 8-lanes. Additional features of their track include: power base polarity switch allowing for a choice of racing directions and standard Ninco slot car controllers that feature a third wire for braking. Ninco slot car track has deep slots and some interesting specialty track pieces like the mud-slide corner, another must for any rally-style layout.

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