The Scalextric name is so familiar, especially in Europe, that it is almost interchangeable with the term 1/32 slot cars. And what a history they have had! The company was founded in the year 1957. Actually, in 1953, the company Scalex was a maker of wind up metal race cars that were popular and quite charming in their own low-tech way. They got the great idea of adding electricity and making these guys really go! Then another great idea...make these cute little cars run in slotted track parallel to another car and happy days! You got Scalextric slot cars, and you got racing!! The hobby that you love (or soon will) was born!

Ever since then, Scalextric slot cars have continued to lead the way in the slot car world with creative and innovative new products. In their product line, you will find exciting products that no other company can match. In the late 90's, with the addition of their Sport line of products, they once again advanced the hobby and solidified their position as an industry leader.

The Sport track is another important innovation. It is wider and smoother than the original "Classic" track. The Sport track is favored by many serious home racers because of this smoother, wider racing surface. Scalextric's latest generation of slot cars are also worthy of note, because right out of the box, they are some of the best performers available today. The Sport cars are Limited Editions, boasting performance upgrades such as metal running gears and bushings. Presented in their own unique purple boxes, these cars often become valued collectibles in just a few short years. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of this great hobby or you are just getting started, you will appreciate the fine quality that Scalextric offers!

In the mid 90's, Scalextric began their overhaul of their 1/32 slot car chassis, making them much more detailed and better performing machines. Scalextric slot cars boast some of the best performance, detail, and quality of any of the brands. If you are just getting into the hobby, you will like them because they perform so well right out of the box. For the more experienced slot car nut, there is just enough room for tinkering to eek out a little more performance to keep you coming back for more!




Of course, Scalextric makes a wide variety of styles in the
1/32 slot car lineup. If you love Formula 1, Trans Am, NASCAR,
or Le Mans, Scalextric has something for you. They offer awide
choice of prices, too. For around $20, you can get a great
performing slot car that you won't 1967 Chaparralmind letting a beginner of any age try out. (Of course, you may want to keep your Limited Edition Sport car just for yourself!) If you need replacement parts, fear not; every part is readily available so you can keep your cars looking and performing their best. Also, many Scalextric slot cars have working lights. If you haven't tried night racing, you are missing out on a new kind of fun!

scalextric full power race set

Scalextric now only produces their Sport track. The Sport track is a little wider and smoother, which makes for a better racing surface. A smoother track allows for better traction and lets the back end of your car "drift", instead of the car getting caught on the track surface. Scalextric track goes together very easily and fits together tightly, which is also important in racing.

When it comes to track sets, all Sport sets come with everything you need: track, power, cars and controllers. They have great variety in sizes, too, and prices to fit everyone's budget. For about $100, you can get started in this great hobby. It's also easy for you to expand your set with their track expansion kits; for example, going from a two lane to a four lane layout is a snap.

Scalextric also offers a full line of track accessories. Whether you want to add a crossover, a chicane or expand your track to four lanes, Scalextric and HotSlots 1/32 have what you need. They also do a great job with the essentials like borders and guardrails. The borders are wide and very attractive. The all-important guardrails are realistic and easily installed. Their lap counter is also very good and inexpensive. All in all, Scalextric Sport track can't be beat when it comes to ease of assembly and variety of choices.

Examples of accessories:

grandstandlap counter





foot bridgebridge supports






barriers and clipstrack supports







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