SCX is a Spanish company (nearly 45 years old) and one of the innovators and pioneers in the slot car industry. For many years, they have produced a wide variety of innovative slot car products and great SCX slot cars!. SCX continues to produce great slot cars, track accessories and some really cool "cover art" for their unique track sets! SCX has some sort of business relationship with Scalextric. In fact, in Spain SCX is called Scalextric and Scalextric is called "Superslot." To this day, I don't know exactly what the deal is with that, but it really doesn't matter. Except for the SCX track, which is completely interchangeable with Scalextric "Classic" track, the two companies produce totally different and unique products

SCX seems to specialize in Rally cars, producing the widest selection in that category by a long shot. And why not, in Europe the WRC is second only in popularity to Formula 1. Their rally car innovations include Xenon lights, 4-wheel drive, and specialty paint jobs like snow and mud effect. If you are a fan of the World Rally Championship series, you will definitely want some of these rally SCX slot cars in your collection.

In Spain, a popular club race category is rallying SCX slot cars with magnets removed! A very much real-world challenge. If you have ever seen real rally cars go slippin' and slidin' on some of the most challenging and picturesque racing circuits, you'll understand why removing the magnet is such a great idea.

SCX also makes a wide variety of great looking and performing Formula 1 cars too. The front wheels actually steer, giving SCX F1 slot cars an even more realistic look as they come whizzing by at 300 mph scale speed!! SCX slot cars are priced right too, at around $36 per car, you just can't go wrong! SCX also makes a collectible each year called the 'Vintage Series' based on early slot car designs as well as being a great limited edition model of a historic car!

Range of Car Types and Styles

nascar NASCAR
Grand Touring (GT/DTM/LeMans)
Formula One
Rally and Off-road Trucks
Vintage and Limited Edition Cars

Features on all SCX Cars:

* 1:32nd Scale Speeds between 100 MPH and 180 MPH
* Great artistic detail on cars from integral tampo-printing technology (snow, mud, rubber)
* Licenses from top drivers – both current and past
* Xeon-effect lights on front and rear (except Formula 1 and 

grand touring car* Tilting chassis to take curves at higher speeds
* Adjustable and removable magnet to control adhesion to track
* Spherical metal bearings on car wheels, adding durability and traction
* Wireless electrical connections for improved performance and     durability
* Slot guide with suspension to maintain better contact with slot and current
* Easy and fast connection and disconnection of all components
                                                                           * Technical support and consumer advice available onlinor by email
                                                                           * Automatic Return System (a.r.s.) guide with suspension
                                                                           * Advanced brakes on most cars

rally carRally Cars:

* Highly detailed artwork - with or without mud or snow effect
* Four-wheel drive for authenticity and traction (not belt-driven)

Formula One Cars:

* Front wheel steering

ntage corvettePontaic GTO

SCX features small track sets for the beginner as well as big sets like the Off Road set that give you everything you could possibly need. If you have kids who will be putting the track together, SCX is great because it is made of a flexible plastic that is durable and easy to put together.


SCX has a great selection of track accessories, featuring pieces like the snow and mud sliding curves. In Spain, where this stuff comes from, most everyone has SCX slot car track. It's rough surface mimics lots of the less than smooth circuits that the real rally cars race on. SCX also features some very realistic figures, pit boxes and borders that are the most realistic borders of any slot car brand.

SCX analog track is high quality flexible vinyl with a high grip factor. This track can be great for kids because it is nearly indestructible and resistant to bumps and kicks from youngsters when they are playing. The track is narrower than the other manufacturers which allows you to set up more overall track length in a limited amount of space. The metal track rails have the strongest magnetic adhesion of any track in the market, and SCX track is compatible with old SCX or Scalextric "Classic" track that goes back over 40 years – in case you have old track that you would like to continue using.

Track Characteristics:

*Complete Range (Asphalt, Snow, Dirt/Dunes)
* Straight sections with 9 different lengths/configurations
* Curve sections with 7 different radius/configurations
* Maximum grip vinyl surface and top grade stainless steel circuits (Rust-resistant and improved magnetic attraction)
* Quick assembly and resistant to the occasional bump from a child
* The original tracks are expandable to 8 concurrent lanes for maximum player participation

SCX accessories include lap counters, electronic timers, a trainer that allows you to race against the computer, chronometers, and various sliding curves that require controlled skidding, as well as trackside accessories such as authentic looking grandstands, figures, track elevation systems, safety barriers, and much more. In terms of track alternatives, SCX also offers Desert/Dirt effect track for off-road racing, as well as snow effect track for winter driving conditions. SCX original track is NOT compatible with their Digital System.


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